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isfahan’s hotels


The triplet, a complex of Caravanserai, Bazaar, Mosque and Madarshahi School, are valuable monuments of the last era of the brilliant Safavid architecture about 400 years old, that of Shah sultan Hussein, remaining to this day.

In 1985 on the suggestion of Andre Goddard , the consultant to the main department of archaeology, Isfahan and thanks to the efforts of Iran Insurance Company, reconstruction and renovation of the Caravanserai resumed , transforming it into the now five – star traditional hotel .

In 1972 , the eastern section completely rebuilt, was appended to the complex rendering it a

well – equipped self-contained hotel.

Having 225 rooms including 23 suites and seven well-furnished apartments , the Abbassi Hotel

is prepared to receive and capable of providing comfort to both local and foreign guests

arriving individually or in groups.


Location: The four star first class Ali ghapu hotel located on the famous historical street, Chahar-bagh,at the center of the city and near the historical monuments, welcomes you with its spectacular facilities and great services for pleasure or buisiness trips to spend a memorable time during your stay.

It has 104 rooms and suits equipped with central air cinditioning system,TV,refrigerator,mini bar,room service,satellit,etc.

Facilities: health & fitness club equipped 24 hour coffee shop, and restaurant.

ISFAHAN MELAL HOTEL – isfahan’s hotels

This hotel is located on Kamal ismail st. between Enqelab sq. & Ferdowsi bridge.

Facilities: Melal hotel consists of 36 rooms with refrigerator , air conditioning system. satellite dish , tv & tel sets , a variety of music channels , central video sys & bathroom.

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Services: with convenience facilities like , restaurant , laundry , parking space , coffee shop & taxi service.


Location: This hotel is located in Hakim Nezami st. at the side of vank churches cathedral.

Facilities: 72 rooms with refrigerator, tv & tel sets , air conditining system & bathroom.

services: Restaurant , lobby , coffeshop , parking facilities , telephone & fax , laundry & taxi service.

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